Sunday, June 27, 2010

Maryland's New War of 1812 License Plate

State officials are unveiling a new license plate that will become standard on all Maryland vehicles.

The Motor Vehicle Administration planned to introduce the new plates on Saturday during the agency's centennial celebration at its Glen Burnie headquarters. The plates feature a scene around Fort McHenry during the War of 1812.

The War of 1812 plates replace the black and white standard issue plates for all cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles, starting on Monday.

Officials say the new plate will be issued through June 2015.

  • It's beautiful -- a much-needed improvement.
  • This is the best Md. could come up with? Let's stick with the old plate.
  • Ehh. It's not great, but not terrible either.
  • Other (eave your comment below).

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Questions and Answers for the War of 1812 Plate

Q.1: When will the War of 1812 standard plate be available?

A.1: Beginning June 14, 2010, the War of 1812 plate (right) will replace the black and white standard issue plate, for all passenger, trucks, disability, motorcycles, motorcycle disability and multipurpose vehicles. This new plate will be issued through June 2015.

Q2: Is the War of 1812 plate replacing all of the black and white plates? Is this considered replating?

A2: No, the War of 1812 plate is not replacing all black and white standard plates. If you already have standard black and white plates, you will keep them. As not all plates are being replaced, this is not considered replating.

Q3: I want to get the new War of 1812 standard plate. If I wait until it’s time to renew my registration, will there be a fee?

A3: Yes, you will be charged an additional substitute tag fee of $20.00 in addition to your renewal fee.

Q4: If I am purchasing a new vehicle after June 14, 2010, what will be the standard plate issued for my vehicle and is there an additional cost?

A4: The War of 1812 plate will be issued as the standard plate for all passenger, trucks, and multipurpose vehicles. There is no additional cost other than your regular registration fee.

Q5: Can the 1812 plate be transferred to a different class vehicle (i.e. passenger vehicle to a truck)? Can the plate be repurchased like the Chesapeake Bay and Agricultural plate?

A5: You can keep your 1812 plate by repurchasing it on your new vehicle. The fee is the same as if you purchased a plate at the time of titling. You cannot transfer a plate to a vehicle that has a different classification.

Q6: Will a new issuance personalized plate be on the War of 1812 stock?

A6: All personalized standard passenger, multipurpose, disability, motorcycles, and motorcycle disability vehicles will receive the new standard War of 1812 plate. Trailers, Street Rod, and Historic vehicles will continue to be printed on the black and white plate. In addition, you can continue to receive an Agricultural or Chesapeake Bay personalized plate upon request.

Q7: If I already have a personalized plate and want to re-order it on the War of 1812 stock, will I have to pay a fee?

A7: Yes. A fee of $20.00 is required to replace a personalized plate.

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