Friday, July 2, 2010

"A WHALE" Skimmer To Begin Testing In the Gulf

GULF OF MEXICO (WAVY) - A spokesman for the TMT Offshore Group released a statement Thursday regarding, A Whale--the ship billed as the largest skimmer vessel in the world.

The 'A Whale', originally an ore and oil carrier, was converted into an oil skimming vessel just last month. It passed through Norfolk last week en route to the Gulf.

The statement from TMT spokesman Bob Grantham is below:

"The A Whale will shortly sail to a designated site to begin a test protocol near the spill location.

"As it has been since the beginning of this project, TMT Offshore Group is committed to aggressive action to combat and contain the oil spill. We have had constructive dialogue with the Coast Guard and BP.

"We look forward to working in close cooperation with all parties to establish an effective global response capability for oil spills."

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