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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Race Day ~ Crisfield Mud Bog ~ September 1, 2012

If you are familiar with Labor Day tradition in Crisfield then you know nothing gets started until after the famous and fun Crab Derby Parade- not even mud bogging.  The races started just a few minutes late but not enough for anyone to notice unless you were paying attention to the clock.

It is estimated that  Crisfield  mud bog drew at least 1,000 spectators.  And at one point the cars were lined along the shoulder of the road waiting to pay admission into the mud bog.That's not bad at all considering the holiday and all the events happening in town.  These fans are very dedicated mud bog fans!  Much appreciation needs to be given to them for attending race after race and especially for coping with the HOT temperatures on this day.  In fact, I believe, it was hotter than HOT.

The most welcomed person of the day had to be the young man walking around the grounds selling lemonade.  Hope you bought some of it because it was delicious and just hit the spot on such a hot and humid racing afternoon!  The poor guy walked all day offering his wares and when I met up with him later in the day he looked pooped!  I certainly hope someone gave him a nice dinner and he got some much needed rest. 

As of this post the race results and points have not been posted on the official Crisfield/Gumboro website.  So until I have that information here are a couple of videos and some photos from the mud bug along with what  information I have.  If you have any info you would like to share email me.  My email address is listed on this blog.

"Short and Sassy"
Owner/Driver Barry Wise

"Old School II"
Randy Willey
Hurlock, Maryland

"Mud Dobber"
Driver- Wright Townsend

"Sod Buster"/Driver Barry Long
"All Night Soldier"/Driver Patrick Long
"Wildfire"/Driver Donald Bowden

I'll be back with more photos and video and the name of the winner in the "Gambler's Race".

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Make The Crisfield Mud Bog Part Of Your Labor Day Holiday Plans


Saturday   September 1, 2012
4410 Crisfield Highway
Crisfield, Maryland
(behind Crisfield Elks Lodge)

Admission: $7.00 - children 10 and under FREE

Racing begins at 1:00

More info posted here tomorrow........

**This will be the last race to be held in Crisfield for the season.  Last race of the season will be held at Gumboro**

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Tonka Toy" Meets The Mud Again In Crisfield

Crisfield Mud Bog
Nite Race
Saturday  July 21, 2012

With the special runs Saturday night and so much money to be won,  there's lots to talk about and plenty of photos and video to sort through.  Since so many were delighted to see "Tonka Toy" in the pits I decided this would be the first post.

Not many knew that this "legend" and  long time favorite mud truck "Tonka Toy" would make an appearance at the Crisfield Mud Bog on Saturday.
Throughout the day spectators viewed the monster. Many had never seen "Tonka Toy" before. So many had memories of racing days long ago.   But by the time "Tonka Toy" made it's appearance at the starting end of that 150 foot mudpit they all  knew who "Tonka Toy" was  and they were on their feet to cheer the driver along.

"Tonka Toy" debut in Crisfield with driver Sunshine Taylor

More to come.........

Friday, July 20, 2012

Crisfield Mud Bog ~ Night Racing Saturday

4410 Crisfield Highway
Crisfield, Maryland

Admission: $7.00 - children 10 and under FREE
Gates OPEN 1:00 ~ Racing 4:00

Announcer for the race events will be Buddy Ward!  And there's going to be plenty to talk about!
The events of Saturday's races will feature a $1,000 purse for the driver in ANY class that is CLOSEST TO 5 SECONDS! 

Video:  Wesley Ward, driver of "Git N Busy"  runs 2.67 seconds at May 2012- Crisfield Mud Bog

***All proceeds will benefit the Crisfield Elks Lodge
and the Marion Vol. Fire Dept.***

For more information and rules go to:

Any Questions call 443-235-2329 or 443 614 6585
Don't forget your driver card

And one more IMPORTANT thing to remember!

Be sure to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to June Bug!!
(June Bug (left), Barry Wise driver of "Short and Sassy", and two other mud bog fans!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crisfield Mudbog This Saturday

The mudbog we have all been waiting for will be held this weekend in Crisfield, Maryland!

Information for the event  will be posted today!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Melson's Power Show- From June 9, 2012

Many of you were at the Crisfield Mudbog back in May when it was announced that on June 9, Melson's Power Show/Tractor Pull would be having a "Fastest Sand Drag Event".  The payout for the winner in the event would be $500!

News like that travels fast if you race mudtrucks.......

Saturday- June 9, 2012
Only a handfull of mudtrucks were on hand for the event... plenty of mudbog friends but they didn't bring their trucks.  And it wasn't long before we learned that the rules had been changed for racing in the event.  At some point during the evening we learned the rules had been changed to "bracket style racing".  In bracket style racing there is NO guarantee that the FASTEST truck would win.  Hmmm.....

So, here goes.  All trucks made two passes with the "Short and Sassy" having the fastest pass. BUT, according to the new rules set the "Short and Sassy" still had to race the second fastest.  Well, it just so happened that the second fastest vehicle is owned by the sponsor and owner of the property, Dave Humphreys.  We had learned earlier in the evening that Dave had HIRED a "seasoned" drag strip racer to drive his car.  Hmm.....

When hearing of the rule changes - and they seemed to be changing frequently by the time it grew dark- tempers began to flair, words said, etc.  My view?  The driver,  of the "Short and Sassy", my husband Barry Wise was not getting a fair deal and everyone in the pits seemed to agree.

This was a situation that you really needed to be present for in order to believe.  The nights events regarding the rules- and how they seemed to change during the course of the evening seemed to go on forever.

Probably the icing on the cake was when another participant rolled in around 10:30 that evening- right in the middle of the disagreements between Staff Member, Dave and the racers. 

I questioned Dave about this- so did everyone else.  The story some got was that Dave called him.  The story I got from Dave was that the driver had a flat tire and called saying he would be late.  Well, it wasn't until some weeks later that I would  find out the driver did NOT have a flat tire and really hadn't planned on being there at all. 

If there is one thing I cannot tolerate is a lie.  Truth would have been a whole better!  A little more respect torwards the racers, including MY husband,  would have been a whole lot better!  Not changing the rules to suit YOUR agenda, Dave, would have been a whole lot better and I NEVER intend to watch what I witnessed that night ever again.  We all know that the so called "hired" driver practiced on Saturday.  If you wanted the keep the $500 for your win why have the event at all?  You should have disqualified your car.

Here's food for thought:  More times than not those guys that race their mud trucks together are going to rally around each other.  They may beat each other up in racing but in the pits they stick like glue.  What you experienced with the "in your face attitudes" is what friendship is all about. 

The "Short and Sassy" with driver Barry Wise won the $500 that evening..... at some point during midnight.
Here's the video.
A huge thank you needs to go out to Lee Serman, Chuck West, Chuck Jr. and  Bart Parker.  You guys are the greatest.  Thank you for rallying about and trying to get your point across.  Also a thank you to the others in the pits that recognized the fact that the event was not being handled fairly.

That particular  evening is over.....I'm going to put it to rest.  Melson's is a nice place.  Barry and I  always enjoyed going there.  But I'm afraid that there will be no more least not for a very long time.   I begged Barry to give it another try after words a few years ago.  He did give it another........but after this particular race we have called it least for a while.  Enough is enough.

The great sponsors for the "Short and Sassy" are:
Bowden's Racing - Donald Bowden
Odie's Garage- Roger Evans
Seaside Repair- Gerald Matthews
 Vertical Services, Inc.- Jack Shockley

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gumboro Mud Bog ~ May 5, 2012 ~ First Event of Season

Opening day of the Gumboro/Crisfield Mud Bog Season

A few things were a little different for the first mud bog race of the season.  Barry Long, driver of "Sod Buster"  was sidelined due to a  knee injury.  This left only one other person to drive that mud truck..his son and  my "go to guy" Patrick Long,  who has always driven his very own truck "All Night Soldier".

Patrick drove the "Sod Buster" in two classes on Saturday:
Mini Open/ 4.27 seconds  and Unlimited Class/ 4.38 seconds

(Viedeo: Not sure which class this is)


"Short and Sassy"/Owner-Driver Barry Wise

Next Mud Bog Event:
Sunday ~ May 27, 2012
Crisfield, Maryland


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gumboro/Crisfield Mudbog Events Begin This Saturday

Welcome to the 2012
  Gumboro/Crisfield mudbogging
"The Grey Ghost"
Drivers  Lori Ann Sturgis
Lee Sturgis
"All Night Soldier"
Driver  Patrick Long

The 2012 mudbogging season for Gumboro/Crisfield begins this Saturday, May 5th in Gumboro, Delaware.

"Short and Sassy"
Driver  Barry Wise

Gates Open ~  10:00 AM
Racing Begins ~ 1:00 AM

Adults & Children 10 and up  $7.00
Children under 10  FREE (ALL children must be accompanied by an adult)

Pit Admission ~ $5.00 per person
All Drivers & 1 crew person FREE in pits

"In The Mix"
Driver  Johnny Edwards


10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Cost per class

$35.00 Classes
Street class
Prostock Class
Small Tire Super Stock
Big Tire Super Stock

$55.00 Classes
Modified Class
Mini-open Class
Unlimited Class
X- Class
Unlimited X-Class

"Sod Buster"
Driver  Barry Long
 Don't forget the Kid's Power Wheels Racing Event

This event is held at every race.  ALL power wheel racers MUST  be equipped with manufacturer's battery. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mudbog Schedule Changes

Changes have been made in the 2012 mudbog  racing schedule.
Please note the following changes in dates.

Gumboro-Crisfield Mudbog Schedule
Gumboro Saturday, May 5, 2012
Crisfield Sunday, May 27, 2012
Crisfield Saturday, July 21, 2012 **NIGHT RACE**
Crisfield Saturday, September 1, 2012
Gumboro Saturday, October 13, 2012

There are still a few racers and crew members that have not reserved their tickets for the 2011 Banquet.

DEADLINE for purchasing tickets is Wednesday March 14, 2012
This years banquet will be held at the Crisfield Elks.

To reserve your spot and for tickets contact Charlie Price. 410-330-6571

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mud Bog Team Participates In "Touch A Truck" in Parksley

What a great time the 187 East Performance mud trucks  drivers had on Saturday, November  5, 2011  in Parksley, Virginia.  The "Touch A Truck" event along with all Fall Festival events were canceled from the week before due to the rainfall we experienced that day  - all day long!  Only a few events were salvaged for this day.  It certaily was a shame because Parksley ALWAYS goes all out for this festival.

But the guys with the trucks were satisfied....they were able to please lots of children.

On  this Saturday the skies were clear but it sure was windy! ....Did I mention cool?   The gentlemen in the above photo had the right idea!  Wool uniforms!

"All Night Soldier"
Driver Patrick Long

"Sod Buster"
Driver Barry Long

All of us had quite a laugh the evening before when my "go to guy" Patrick made the comment that he hoped all of Parksley was awake by the time the mudtrucks rolled into town.  Each truck has an enormous powerful roar of a voice when it runs and I couldn't  help but laugh out loud  that day at the deafening sound these powerful  trucks made as they were unloaded and lined up in the street.

"Short and Sassy"
Driver Barry Wise

It's a "man thing" to enjoy the huge rumble sound  these trucks make.  I hope that no one was rolled out of bed that day as that rumble sound echoed through the steets.

For those that may not know "Touch A Truck" is an event that allows children the chance to see up close the many types of vehicles they see on a daily basis.  Most of the children who sat in the trucks on Saturday couldn't see over the window in any of the trucks!  They all had a great time.

I can't forget to mention that right in the middle of the "Touch A Truck" was a boat!  This gentleman was quite interesting  to talk to and drew a crowd just as large as the trucks on display.  This racing boat is one of many up and down DelMarVa.  They can be seen racing in Chestertown, Oxford and even Crisfield.  (Just to name a few) 


Railroad Station

Parksley Fire Company

Parksley, thanks for letting us participate!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crisfield Mud Bog Racing Schedule ~ 2012

ATTENTION 187 East Performance Mud Bogging Team and ALL Mud Boggers out there !

My "go to guy" Patrick Long/driver of  "All Night Soldier" has just informed me that the 2012 Crisfield Mud Bog Schedule will be:


Added class this year will be BLOWN TRACTOR TIRE CLASS

Lots going on and I'm sure all of us will be anxious to experience the race under the lights!

This is great news!  Get your trucks ready....

"Short and Sassy"/ driver Barry Wise - is in the process of having some new features installed.

"All Night Soldier"/ driver Patrick Long- reports that there is alot to do with the three truck in his area!

  In the meantime this will give me the chance to finish with the 2011 year of racing so stand by for the photos and racing  fun I never got the chance to post.