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Friday, August 31, 2012


Saturday  September 1, 2012
4410 Crisfield Highway
Crisfield, Maryland
(behind the Elks Lodge)

Don't Miss the GAMBLER'S RACE !!
Winner of the Gambler's Race at the July 21st night race was Bryan Watson driving "Little Red Dakota".  Bryan made the run in 3.12 seconds !!

Racing begins @ 1:00
Admission: $7.00 - Children under 10 years of age FREE

Don't forget the Kid's Power Wheel Race"
(rules apply)

For more information go to:


**This will be the last race to be held in Crisfield for the season. Last race of the season will be held at Gumboro**

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crisfield Mudbog This Saturday

4410 Crisfield Highway
Crisfield, Maryland

Gates open at 1:00 PM
Races begin at 4:00 PM

Admission: $7.00 - children 10 and under FREE

All proceeds will benefit the Crisfield Elks Lodge
 and the Marion Vol. Fire Dept. 

Here's what's planned for the racing day!

The CLOSEST TO 5.000 SECONDS WINS $1,000 !!
Classes from Street to Unlimited
This is a 150 ft.  FLAT bog pit
Timing Light System

For more information and rules go to:
Any Questions call 443-235-2329 or 443 614 6585

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Melson Power Show ~ Sand Drag Event Winner

The winner of the $500 cash prize in the Sand Drag Event held at Melson Power Show on Saturday, June 9, 2012 was Barry Wise.

Driver/Owner Barry Wise ~ "Short and Sassy"

Thanks for your support - Lee, Chuck, Bart, Chuck,Jr., Wright Townsend, Jack Shockley (Snow Hill) @ Vertical Services, Inc., Roger Evans, 187 East Performance, Seaside Repair and Pit Crew for the evening Michelle and Aaron.

More to be posted soon.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Huge Crowd At Crisfield Mud Bog On Sunday

The second mud bog took us to Crisfield on Sunday  May 27.  What a crowd!  Seems like the idea to add more bleachers this season was a most wonderful thought!  What a HUGE crowd of spectators and they seemed to enjoy every minute of the race day. 

Most people know that Crisfield is my most favorite place to race...for alot of being that Crisfield has been in my heart for many years.

When you are married to or related to someone that races through the mud and is dedicated to the hobby you know all about the early morning hours and the length of time it takes to prepare for the day "in the pits".  But because I'm nosey getting there early is fine with me.

Probably the greatest suprise on Sunday was knowing the Buddy Ward would be our "sportscaster" for the day!  This was his first time for announcing the races and Buddy did a wonderful job!  Being able to hear when you are in the pits isn't easy and most times, even when paying attention, you just cannot hear.  Thanks Buddy for placing a speaker in the pit area.  Buddy gave us great announcing all day long and  a music selection that was woth listening to! (I despise twangy country music) 

 Be sure to tell Buddy how much you appreciated him taking on  that rather difficult task of announcing ALL day long.

Race preparation is not easy- especially on hot days.  Most trucks begin with a spotless truck.  If you have never washed a muddy truck you have NO idea what washing a vehicle means.  But for those who love the sport is worth the time.... and so is changing tires.......

"All Night Soldier"- Patrick Long/Owner/Driver
(187 East Performance/Bowden Racing)

"Short and Sassy"/Driver-Owner Barry Wise
(187 East Performance/Bowden Racing)

Donald Bowder drove "Wild Fire" for the second race of the season on Sunday.  This is something completely difference for him to be doing.......all these years he's been inside the engines of the 187 East Performance trucks but never in the drivers seat until a few weeks ago at Gumboro.

I still remember what the Mud Doc told my husband a couple years ago before one  important race...."Drive it like you stole it".   Donald practices what he preaches. 

See bottom video

Top video.  Lee Sturgis in "The Grey Ghost"  If you follow mud racing at all you know this is a most familiar truck.  Lee Sturgis seems to have had 2 great racing events!

Timing for his two runs on Sunday was 3.71  and 3.79.  Video is the 3.79 run.

"The Grey Ghost"- Owner/Driver Lee Sturgis
(187 East Performance/Bowden Racing

More to be posted..........

Sunday, September 19, 2010

BUSY DAY AT GUMBORO~ Alot Of Good Racing

What a beautiful, bright and sunny day we had yesterday at the Gumboro Mudbog.

Days likes this don't get any better on the Eastern Shore. There seemed to be many more spectators the last couple of times and alot of them appear (from the pit side) that in spite of what they drive to the race in they come equipped sometimes with those pop up tents or beach umbrellas.This is a wonderful idea, especially if you have children, since it gives more room to move around as apposed to sitting on those hard bleachers in the sun all day. Even tailgait watching can be relaxing.

And those pop-up tents are on the pit side too! I wouldn 't be afraid to bet that those inexpensive creations probably take the days temperature down 12 degrees or more........ true lifesavers for alot of us who arrive early in the morning and don't leave until the evening hours.

I love to have and see family and friends around us and yesterday there was plenty of that!
It's been custom for a while now that participating trucks line the fence before the races. This gives the crowd a chance to view them before the muddy races begin.
And of course the Gumboro Mudbog would not be the same without the Kid's Power Wheels Race! There were only two for the race yesterday but as usual quite a sight to see.
Here's the video of that most important race! The Future Mudbog Racers! And this young lady seems to beat them all! Could it be that she has the inside scoop because her Dad is a truck racer himself? We'll never know.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Dirt Drag At Melson's Friday Night

Action At Melson's

These two drivers are quite competative when it comes to mud racing and get the chance to run side by side in the 200 ft. dirt drag Friday night.

"Cowpatty" and "Short and Sassy"


Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Soldier Gets A Taste Of Mud Bogging!!

I will get no argument from anyone at Gumboro Mudbog yesterday when I say it was a wonderful Delmarvalous day!

With so much activity towards the ending of racing competition yesterday hardly no one noticed this soldier being pushed in his wheel chair onto the racing arena.

I hope in some small way it says "thanks for all you have done for all of us".

Precious cargo aboard this truck! I'm not just talking about the driver I'm talking about the fearless warrior riding on the passenger side.
Watch this video................
(Length of pit is 200 feet).

(I can't help but wonder what his thoughts were as that truck pushed mud onto the windshield.)

The crowd went WILD and by the time they reached the spectators everyone was on their feet cheering! God Bless and protect all the soldiers in the military.......far away or near. God bless and protect their families.

It is because of your sacrifices that we are given the opportunity to go about each day freely
and enjoy our lives without fear.