Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alissa Blanton, Ex-Hooters Waitress, Killed by Stalker Roger Troy

Roger Troy, 61, was apparently one of those guys who took the faux flirting of Hooters waitresses as genuine affection, rather than a naked attempt to get him to empty his wallet. And he took a special fancy to Alissa Blanton...

The young woman worked at the Hooters in Merritt Island, Florida until September of 2008. During that time, Troy became obsessed with her, though his initial passion appeared somewhat innocent.

"In the beginning Roger was a regular customer that came in daily and always sat in my section," Alissa would later write in a protection order taken out against him. "I gave him my e-mail one day because he continued to ask for my number. That way he knew my schedule. He never harassed me in the beginning."

But Troy began to consider it more than a waitress-customer relationship. "At the end of employment at Hooters, Roger always tried to walk me to my car at the end of the night, but he would stand and talk and hug me and so on. My manager John didn't like this. The customers are not allowed to touch any of the girls."

So her boss confronted Troy, warning him that touching was a no-no. But he seemed to believe that buying overpriced wings entitled him to more than a tight shirt and a smile. "He has said several times that he spent so much money there and on me, and he doesn't deserve to be treated this way (not talking to him)," Alissa wrote in her complaint.

"After this incident he stopped sitting in my section, and the e-mails started about how terrible I am and all about an ex-boyfriend I was dating. I moved to Orlando to be closer to new job and he began showing up there and e-mailing about seeing me. I reported it. Then got married and moved back to Brevard County and letters are coming and stalking here also."

Blanton got a job at an AT&T call center and married a coworker last August. But Tory's stalking only continued, becoming even more obsessed. "He states several times drove by my home, how he has seen me in Orlando. He describes how I look (like that I gained weight and cut my hair). He once came to my work at AT&T call center in Orlando, and blocked me in my car. (Parked his car behind mine and came to my window and put arms on window ledge.) Also, in letters, put in other remarks, like 'Wearing your seatbelt?' "

So a week ago, she took out a temporary restraining order against him. A hearing was scheduled for February 16. But Troy wasn't about to wait for that.

On Monday, he caught up with Alissa in a parking lot outside AT&T in Orlando and opened fire. Though details are still sparse, witnesses say he may have fired as many as a dozen shots.

Alissa later died at the hospital. Troy shot himself and was found dead at the scene.


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