Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Have You Paid to Have Your Sidewalk Cleared?

If you did, I hope you got a warranty because it didn't work, the snow has re-appeared emot15

I've seen in my travels a few residents having their sidewalks cleared of snow by machines that were obviously way to big to be doing that type of work, I assume that these folks are out trying to make a couple of bucks and I say more power too'em. That's capitalism at it's finest and I hope they do well.

But a word of caution to the home owners, some of the equipment I've seen doing this work is much too heavy for the average sidewalk, especially some of the very old sidewalks in town.

Anything much bigger than a lawn tractor can and will damage your walk and curbing, you might not see the damage until the snow completely clears and/or it completely thaws or maybe even this summer is when your walk/curb start deteriorating, cracking and crumbling. Notice all the new pot-holes after a snow and a plow job?

Let the tractors have the driveways and parking lots, give an ambitious youth with a shovel some spending change to clear your sidewalk(s), steps etc. they can use the extra change and wont damage your property. Plus that smile you'll put on a young persons face is worth a million bucks for the measly 10-20 bucks to shovel all that snow.

Damn Tractor Stole My Snow


Anonymous said...

Have we broken any snowfall records yet? I don't think I've ever seen it so bad, not only in inches but also the wind today. I know I've never heard of all the roof collapses that have happened due to this snowfall.

The Public Eye said...

records? possibly.

I can remember a couple of snow storms that were deeper but it was only one storm and it was gone.

I cannot ever remember us having this much snow back to back.

back in the late 60's we had a big storm and in the 70's we had a storm that dropped 18 inches, those are the biggest storms I remember.

I've seen several here that dropped what each one of these storms did, 8-9-10" then it would melt away, but never 10" on top of 10" on top of 10" etc.