Saturday, February 13, 2010

Arrest Made in February 11th Arson Fire at Pocomke Walmart

The Worcester County Fire Marshal's Office has arrested and charged a 20 year old Pocomoke City man for the arson which occurred at the Pocomoke Walmart during the evening hours on February 11, 2010. Vincent Vaness Harmon was charged with 1st Degree Arson and several other fire/arson related charges today (Friday, February 12, 2010). Mr. Harmon made an initial appearance before a District Court Commissioner and was committed to the Worcester County Jail on $250,000 bond pending a bond review hearing on Tuesday monring. The Worcester County Fire Marshal's Office was assisted by the Pocomoke City Police Department and the Worcester County Sherrif's Office.

As of this release, the Pocomoke Walmart has remained closed since the fire. It has not been determined when the store will reopen.


EDITORS NOTE: I wonder what happened to the second subject that was first reported.


Anonymous said...

manager told me on the phone they will open at 6 am tomorrow tom i thought she was kidding she said we will open at 6 am sir

Anonymous said...

So how many days were they closed because of this jerk?

jmmb said...

I'd like to know what happened to the second person too. I'd also like to know what they started the fire with.

Are the regular Walmart employees able to work their hours? If not are they being paid for the lost hours for something that was not their fault?

And most of all is it TRUE that Walmart is sending its discarded foods to Haiti?? If so, what about the Samaritan Shelter in Pocomoke? What about the Foodbank in Virginia? Can't they distribute it amoung the poor in the area somehow? Why send it to Haiti where there are already stock piles of food they can't distribute?

It it's good enough to send to Haiti it looks like it would be good enough for the good old American citizens.

Anonymous said...

Walmart should gather up all the stuff and send it to Haiti with that search group the tattler's all excited over.
Oops, better not rag on them too much, otherwise the groupies will come out of the woodwork blaming PPE for the Haitian excursion not materializing.