Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ban On Cell Phones While Driving? Really?

It's not unusual to see people talking on their cell phones while driving these days. And it's hard to remember when there wasn't a time when we could simply go through the day without those annoying rings. Cell phone usuage has gotten so huge that many businesses and doctor offices have requested that they be turned off. However, some can't seem to be without the thing jammed up to their ear. I wonder how they ever made it through the day before the cell.

The Senate has passed a bill banning talking on a cell phone unless you have a hands free device.

Unlike the texting ban, this ban is very enforceable.

State Senator Tommy Norment, who represents the Peninsula, wants to make it a primary offense to drive and talk - unless you're using a bluetooth or hands free device.

If this bill becomes a law, anyone caught talking on their cell phone while driving would be fined and given points on their driving record. If passed, it would go into effect starting July 1.

The bill has passed its first hurdle with a 25-15 victory in the State Senate and now it heads to the House before its final stop on Governor Bob McDonnell's desk.

If the bill clears by this summer police won't need any other reason to pull you over.

And if passed, fines would go up to $50 and $200 starting July 1, 2011.

The ban would not apply to those driving emergency response vehicles, drivers who are stopped or parked, or anyone using a phone to report an emergency.

This could be such a waste of time. Other states have tried to enforce a law like this and people still talk without using a hands free device. I almost t-boned a woman the other day as she was making an illegal u-turn, running her mouth on her cell and carrying an elderly passenger with her. She never lost the conversation and looked at me as if it were my fault and I know the elderly gentleman messed his pants. The government shouldn't need to enforce laws upon us because WE ALL need to be MORE responsible and stop thinking we are the only ones on the road. I value my life too much.

What is it about our lives today that some can't wait until they get to their destination to make a call?

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The Public Eye said...

I'm not much on "laws" but ... I agree that it should be a fine for talking on the phone while driving.

I don't care how great of a driver one "thinks" they are, it's a distraction and you need all your attention on the road, my kids are out there.