Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NASA Wants To Put Your Face In Space

WASHINGTON - NASA is inviting people to be a part of history with its Face in Space program.

Face in Space allows anyone to submit a picture of themselves to be sent on the final two shuttle missions set to launch this year.

Participants can upload a photo of themselves to the Face in Space website and choose to fly with the Discovery or Endeavour shuttles - or both.

When the mission is completed, each participant gets a certificate signed by the commander saying the photo was on board the shuttle with the crew.

"It's a great way to let people share in the excitement of the missions coming, be a part of history, and be a part of the space program," said James Hartsfield, NASA spokesman for the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Both the Discovery and Endeavour shuttles will travel to the International Space Station. The trips are the last two flights until the retirement of the space shuttle fleet.

The final mission is carrying the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a new device that will allow NASA to learn more about the nature of the universe.

"It's probably a fitting instrument for that type of historic achievement," Hartsfield said.

Shuttle Discovery's STS-133 mission is set to launch on Sept. 16. Shuttle Endeavour's STS-134 mission is set to launch in mid-November.

However, Hartsfield warns the dates could change.

"You never know if a shuttle's going to launch until you see the smoke and fire," Hartsfield said.

Hartsfield urges everyone to participate in the Face in Space program, and, ideally, he would like to see the whole country take part.

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Anonymous said...

In the name of national security I volunteer a photo of me. One look at my mug and any potential alien invaders would flee, never to return.