Sunday, June 6, 2010

Obese Dog Seized From Owners and Sent to Fat Farm

This is just pure bull S!#t, it's not uncommon to see a 9 year old dog or cat for that matter that's "over weight" according to these nuts standards. And to top off what they say, the "picture is worth a thousand words", this dog is heavy but clearly not harmfully obese.

BTW: With the way that the liberal government his headed this may well be happening to children in the very near future if we don't start standing up to this kind of control.

Gucci the bull terrier has what many humans have: a severe weight problem. So when her owners in England repeatedly ignored advice on how she could shed more than a few pounds, the local authorities moved in.

After obtaining a court order, they seized the 70-pound dog and took her off to a canine fat farm, where she's been put on a diet and strict exercise regimen with the aim of getting her to shed nearly 30 pounds.

Once Gucci is back to her target weight of 44 pounds and able to run, fetch and roll over in comfort, she will be sent to a new home.

The court order, believed to be the first of its kind issued in England under the country's 2006 Animal Welfare Act, was enforced after a veterinarian in Lancashire, northern England, agreed that Gucci was suffering.

The 9-year-old Gucci was so heavy, according to London's Daily Mail, that she could barely walk down the street and had sore paws from trying to support her weight.

"The animal was suffering through lack of care and exercise," said Karen Bowyer, an animal welfare officer with the Wyre Borough Council in Lancashire, the Mail reported. "There had been previous warnings but it was time to act, and we secured the court order on the basis Gucci was too fat."

According to the council, Gucci's owners were told four times that she had to lose weight, but their warnings were ignored, The Sun of London reported.

"We were not prepared to allow this to continue," Bowyer said.


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jmmb said...

Must be nice to be a country that can be more concerned with obesity in animals than to be concerned with the ABUSE of them.

But then, anything with "British" attached to it these days can't be too smart.