Friday, August 27, 2010

Has Robbery Become A Sport?

If you haven't heard and you live in the Pocomoke area the Pocomoke Duck In got robbed AGAIN just a few hours ago! Yes, that's right! AGAIN!!! If I am counting correctly that makes it TWICE in one week!

I don't know about any of you but I find this very disturbing. But I guess this will continue until the taxpayers put their foot down and demand to know. Even then I don't think it will work. And for the life of me I truly do NOT understand why law enforcement doesn't want people to know about crime in their area.

Aren't our eyes and ears a valuable source to law enforcement? If not then please stop asking us if we have seen these people a week after the incident occurs.

Crime is everywhere now. Corner Mart at T's Corner was robbed earlier this week and just last night a Royal Farms was robbed in the Virginia area. I will give our sheriff's department credit because they DO report to the citizens.......most of the time........and aren't afraid to ask for the publics help.

Robberies in stores should be reported to the media the next day. Any type of crime needs to reported to the public the next day............all of the info....... Citizens should not have to be "fed" bits and pieces and rely on "public information.

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Anonymous said...

Geez....what's this place have a sign on it that says "Rob Me."
This is getting crazy..