Friday, June 1, 2012

SURPRISE!! You've Been Busted!!

I have taken the liberty to separate this new story from the others sent to me by the Pocomoke City Police Department.

Here's another successful drug bust in the city of Pocomoke where some say the law isn't doing their job! I'm going to argue that fact with anyone and will continue until you are convinced you have been totally wrong. Let me adise you that carrying out a drug bust can be risky business and the main reason it seems to take so long to get something done is simply because it takes great skill and perfect timing to enter someone's world and blow it all apart.....

Pocomoke City now has the best law enforcement team it has ever had. Pocomoke City now employs a chief that has had many years of  experience and I challenge anyone to walk in his shoes. Since he has arrived in Pocomoke City the police department has had a vast change not only in moral but in training. They are no long good at what they do. They are GREAT!.

The best thing to happen to Worcester County is Sheriff Reggie Mason and Worcester County State's Attorney Beau Oglesby. The Criminal Enforcement Team consists of individuals from the various law departments in Worcester County and the state of Maryland.  Their work is done sometimes under cover and each one is highly trained in the investigations of any type of criminal activity.  And let it be known that changes were made shortly after the last election in Worcester County.....Worcester County now works side by side with Accomack County.  Accomack County works with the Pocomoke City Police Dept. 

Having all three teams: Pocomoke City Police Department, Sheriff Mason's Crimminal Enforce Team, and Worcester County State's Attorney Beau Oglesby working together only makes for a more successful arrest and a safer world around us all. jmmb

From:  Pocomoke City Police Chief Sewell

05/30/2012 Approximately 1930hrs, Members of the Pocomoke City Police Department, Criminal Enforcement Team & The Worcester County States Attorney Office executed a search and seizure Warrant at 1902 North Old Mill Drive, Pocomoke City MD. Arrested was Toan Chi Huynh age 26 of Pocomoke City, MD. The following items were recovered from Mr. Huynh residence:

 - 1,207 grams of Marijuana (High Grade)
- 61 grams of Powder MDMA
- 16 tablets of Ecstasy MDMA
- Various items of paraphernalia to include commercial heat sealer and scale
- $1,075 in US Currency
- 2 Flat screen TV’s
- 2007 Honda Civic
- Other miscellaneous documents
Huynh was charged with the following charges:- Possession of Marijuana
- Possession with intent to distribute Marijuana
- Possession with intent to distribute Marijuana (School Zone)
- Possession with intent to distribute powder MDMA/Molle
- Possession with intent to distribute powder/Molle (School Zone)
- Possession of Ecstasy/MDMA
- Possession with intent to distribute Ecstasy/MDMA
- Possession with intent to distribute Ecstasy/MDMA (School Zone)
- Possession of Paraphernalia


Anonymous said...

Where is North Old Mill Drive? I have lived here 60+ years and I don't recall that name?

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Across from Pocomoke City High School in the new development.The duplex community.

Chris said...

Mason for President, Sewell for Vice President. They both have my vote.

Anonymous said...

and Beau Oglesby for Attorney General. Beau's forgotten more about the law than Holder's ever known.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, this is NOT the community directly across from the high school. This community is off of Old Virginia Rd. that branches off and leads towards Rt. 13 south.

Chris said...

I stand corrected Oglesby for Atty. General. What was I thinking. Sorry Beau.