Thursday, October 21, 2010

Unwanted Publicity For Delinquent Taxpayers Of Accomack County

Delinquent taxpayers may be getting more unwanted publicity if Supervisor Donald Hart's wishes are fulfilled. Hart called to take a page out of a local business owners book regarding those who owe money.

Referring to Doughty's Market in Melfa, Hart wishes that Accomack County would put up a sign on the County property listing the top delinquent taxpayers.

"People see that sign on Route 13," explained Hart "and those names don't stay up there long."

Supervisor Ron Wolff agreed with the idea saying businesses who owed money to the County would lose business if such a policy was adopted and therefore would be leveraged into paying.

County Attorney Mark Taylor did say during the discussion the County had a legal right to place such a sign. A motion was made and passed by the Supervisors to look into such a sign.

Hart also added he wanted County Treasurer Dana Bundick to go after the assets of delinquent taxpayers who owe balances on properties on Cedar Island that are now under water.

"If my house was under moving land and I didn't pay taxes, I would not be allowed to get away with it," argued Hart. "There was sand under their houses when the tax bills were issued and we should go after any assets they have to collect the debt."

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