Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gumboro Mudbog October 9, 2010 ~ Last Race Day Of The Season

Johnny Edwards driving 'In The Mix' sped through the 200 feet of mud on Saturday October 9, 2010 in 4.311 seconds!
Good job!

Here's a video of his run that tied him for second place with Ken Daisey, driver of 'Ole Blue'.

'Ole Blue' ~ Driver Ken Daisey

I don't have a video of Ken Daisey and his 4.311 second run but I do have a photo to show just exactly WHERE 'Ole Blue' and his driver ended up..............
They ended up in the bean field!
Now, some say it was the fault of the throttle. Some argue the brakes. Brakes???? I've asked around and I have heard that the breaks on these trucks (for some of the drivers) have been tested ONE time this year during the tech check they go through before each and every race.

And that's fine because if you race knowing you don't have breaks on your truck you classify as an idiot.

At the end of this race the winnings were split between the driver of 'In The Mix' and driver of 'Ole Blue' and both share second place. I wonder HOW this can be so!

Well, I'm calling bullshit on this decision!

Why? Because the driver of 'Ole Blue' (who has only raced ONE time this year) ended totally out of the mudding arena! Johnny Edwards and 'In The Mix' have been at EVERY race this year and sometimes races in two classes. I guess the money Edwards spends, or any driver in any class, on any race day to keep Gumboro in the mudbog business, isn't appreciated. The Edwards family spends alot of time and money and have every racing season.

Now back to 'Ole Blue'.......
The driver of 'Ole Blue' never stopped his truck.......consequently ending in the bean field. He never applied the brakes. Did he even have brakes??

AND WHAT ABOUT THIS: Vehicles must have a KILL Switch (shutting off power to electric pumps and ignition systems) within easy reach of driver. Master Disconnect Switch to be located at the rear of the vehicle and clearly labeled. EXCEPT STREET AND PROSTOCK CLASSES.

Had Mr. Daisey hit that kill switch and applied breaks that truck could have and would have stopped within the arena.

OR WHAT ABOUT: Driver MUST maintain PROPER control of vehicle at ALL times!

And there is nothing mentioned under the Rules and Regulations concerning proper control!!

This should have been a total disqualification NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

But it's typical decision making for those with the last call on matters at Gumboro. It seems another driver had the misfortune of sharing his 1st place status with another driver during another racing season.

I remember very well an issue of a driver finding out AFTER the race that he shared the 1st place status with another driver. Now keep in mind that this driver left and collected the FULL winnings. It was AFTER the races that a recording was timed and the other truck was declared the winner also!

So, not only did Gumboro "decision makers" award another 1st place status they paid the full amount to the other driver as well!

Both of these drivers that ended up with winnings were/are personal friends of the Gumboro "final decision makers". And that makes it bullshit!

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