Monday, October 18, 2010

Two New Names In The Running For Worcester County Commissioner

POCOMOKE CITY -- Two men whose backgrounds share military service but little else are contending to represent District 1, Worcester's southernmost region, as a Worcester County Commissioner.

Merrill Lockfaw Jr., a Republican, won his primary against three other contenders, while Jimmy Schoolfield, a Democrat, advanced to the general election unopposed.

The seat represents Pocomoke City and surrounding areas. It is currently held by Bobby Cowger, who did not seek re-election.

Lockfaw and Schoolfield have served in the armed forces. Lockfaw spent four years in the Air Force, while Schoolfield spent six years in the Army.

Lockfaw worked for Worcester County government as a road superintendent for 19 years, retiring in June.

"I thought with my business experience as well as working with large budgets and county government would make me a good candidate," Lockfaw said.

Schoolfield has been a minister at Georgetown Baptist Church in Pocomoke for 14 years, in addition to being vice president of the NAACP for Worcester County. He resigned his NAACP role when he decided to run for the County Commissioners seat.

His life path wasn't a smooth one. In the early 1990s, between the ages of 29 and 32, Schoolfield was charged with 12 separate crimes in Maryland courts, including assault, theft and malicious destruction of property.

"A lot of those extended from when I was out in the world drinking," Schoolfield said. "I watched what alcohol and drugs did to me, and that has given me a lot of things I can talk with youth about. I can say from experience there are other things we can do besides hanging on the street and drink."

He has not been charged with a crime since 1995, although he has three active cases in the civil court system, including one in which his wages were ordered to be garnished by $13,622. Schoolfield said he and his wife took out a loan to start a fashion store shortly before she had to undergo heart surgery. As a result, they closed the store and incurred the debt.

If elected, Lockfaw said he wants to be able to provide citizens with the services they need, such as police officers and firefighters.

"While protecting ourselves, we can't overregulate ourselves to the point it would drive businesses away," Lockfaw said.

Schoolfield said he wants to focus on ways to improve the housing situation, build the community and reach out to youth.

"I want to be a force for the lower district," Schoolfield said. "I would like to work with the youth and on education issues. Crime is also an important issue, especially in downtown Pocomoke."

When asked about legislation requiring all homes built after Jan. 1 to contain residential sprinkler systems, both men said they would like to tweak the law as it would apply to Worcester.

Lockfaw said he opposes mandating sprinklers, while Schoolfield would be satisfied with an amendment restricting the requirement to homes on a municipal water supply.


Anonymous said...

Forget and just get off the sprinkler system legislation! I'd like to know what sitting commissioner proposed this "idea."
Just what we need when most people can't afford to buy or build a new home, more costs, more regulations and more government control.
Not everyone wants sprinklers in thier homes.
Alot people who seem to be in favor of this are those whose government job secuity may be at stake.

Anonymous said...

I have never been charged with a crime, although I did pee on Vernon Hope's patrol car once. Am I qualified to be County Commissioner?

jmmb said...

No, anon 4:21 it doesn't qualify you to be a County Commissioner. Sorry.

But your statment DOES, however, classify you as the village idiot and I will let them know that you are loose again.

Anonymous said...

So Schoolfield's primary qualification is that he has not been charged with a crime since 1995? I guess we really do get the government we deserve.

jmmb said...

I give the man credit for putting his dirty laundry out to the public instead of not saying anything and letting the public find it themselves and spew it all across the land like they have done with other politicians this year. As far as beeing qualified for the job the voter will have to decide that.

But at least give the man some credit. And please be aware that some people DO learn from their mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Check again on Schoolfield. And just because someone isn't reported or charged for punching a hole in a wall or a door, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Most of these crimes, including the Thefts and assault/batteries were not committed as a 'teen' but rather as an ADULT. Come on Schoolfield stop trying to 'explain' it all away.

Schoolfield has been seen and is known to play the 'ponies' and other gambling in downtown pocomoke. How does that 'fit' with him being a baptist minister?

Anonymous said...

Schoolfield didn't put his dirty laundry out there, first. A newspaper in Ocean City ran a big article on it!!! It was joked about in Ocean City for weeks@!@@

Anonymous said...

Who is JOVON TYREE SCHOOLFIELD? The address shown is same as Jimmy Schoolfield for maryland judiciary case search and the individual has CDS charges with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana charges! The date of birth is August 15, 1985. If his son, then what is he teaching his own children and allowing them to bring into the home.

Anonymous said...

As far as sprinklers is concerned, that is a definite 'CONFLICT OF INTEREST' for Schoolfield. Since is an electrician no wonder he wants it to pass. More $$$$ in his pocket.

Not bad for someone who hasn't filed a property report to the state ever since he opened his business! Check it out online with state for Jae's Electrician Business and see for yourself.

Now surely Jimmy you own a screwdriver.

For a minister to lie about not owning even a screwdriver and to be playing lottery, I've got a problem with that.

He will never get my vote and anyone that I know. I've heard he might as well quit.

Anonymous said...

Schoolfield recently declared bankruptcy.

He would never make a gualified commissioner.

Lockfaw served as officer with Pocomoke City Fire Department and in Finance with County Roads.

Lockfaw is the only one qualified.

Anonymous said...

In one article, Schoolfield says "I work with the Youth" which i knew was an outright lie!!

Here he is quoted as saying he "would like to work with the Youth".

You can 'google' his name and read it.

He can't make his mind up.

Or he lies and can't remember them.

Anonymous said...

Schoolfield wants 'to be a force for the lower district' and crime is also an important issue, especially in downtown pocomoke'?

He'd have to stop gambling first for me to believe that one.

What does he know of the concerns of downtown pocomoke? He hasn't gone into any of them except for to gamble.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I take it you ain't voting for Schoolfield????

Anonymous said...

What is this?????

Wicomico County District Court

Filed 9-22-10

Harris, Charles VS. Schoolfield, Jimmy

Case #020300066022010

Can't wait to see how he 'spins' this one.

Definitely not qualified.

Anonymous said...

Gee think everyone in Pocomoke needs to know that Schoolfield intends to make every one in a 'municipal' district, that means Pocomoke City, install water sprinklers in their homes if he's elected commissioner.

definitely gonna make sure everyone knows this statement.

Anonymous said...

is it true Schoolfield went into army to avoid criminal charges as a teen?

Anonymous said...

Schoolfield cracks me up when he said "alot of those (charges) extended from when I was out in the world drinking" and "I watched what alcohol and drugs did to me".

Remember folks, this was after his supposed 'army' days.

Give him time. Leopards never change. Be interesting to see what the recent district court charges are over. But he didn't pay some bill again.

He thinks he's above the law.

You decide...politician or criminal.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a 30 year old suppose to know difference between right and wrong?

Anonymous said...

Schoolfield isn't honest, has real problems with assaulting others with obvious anger problems and he does not pay his debts. He plays lottery and gambles. What happened at the auto business he worked at? Heard he had problem there and would like to have a story done on that! Bet it is in papers before too long!

Lockfaw does not have any of these problems and is trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

So he's been a minister for 14 years, why does he favor not paying his bills or creditors and filing bankruptcy? Where is that in the Bible?

Studies have shown long term marijuana use leads to temper, anger and even assaults.

Does he agree with his son's intent to distribute ..... or?

Anonymous said...

Know whats really funny?

Lee resigned from President of NAACP to run for District 2.

Schoolfield resigned from VicePresident of NAACP to run for District 1.

Wonder if Schoolfield has 'stuffed' the absentee ballots.

This is his friend's (Lee's) biggest trick!

Have to watch carefully how many he has or how many times a certain church 'buses' people to the polls again.

Heard Schoolfield was watching his 'watch' and expecting the New Macedonia van at certain times on Primary Day. That church needs to be reported to the IRS.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Bishop Isaac Jenkins with the New Macedonia church?

Anonymous said...

okay this is FUNNY, ACTUALLY NOT!

Case # 00026006I1



guess who complaint/officer was:

Michael McDermott

Does Schoolfield really want people to think that it was alcohol or drugs that made him to commit thefts, assault & batteries, or malicious destruction?

yet this is person who gambles?

no selfcontrol.

Anonymous said...

Heard Bishop was not the one driving the van.

Heard another was asked by States Attorney Joel Todd directly to 'drive people to the polls'.

Anonymous said...

Do you like how he blamed his thefts, assaults & batteries and malicious destructions on alcohol & drugs?

Definitely someone who makes excuses and shows lack of self-control.

But he goes into hiding after November elections and goes right back to doing what he's done for the community in past years.