Friday, August 13, 2010

Health Education Office Name In Memory of Sharone White Bailey

The Late Rural Health Secretary

To memorialize the untimely death of a person who cared deeply about the Eastern Shore, the Health Education office in the new Onley Community Health Center was named after the late Sharone Bailey.

Reverend Don Broad held a moment of silent in memory of Bailey shortly before reading the invocation of the grand opening ceremony Wednesday afternoon.

"She was a colleague, she was a friend, and mostly recently secretary of our Board of Directors," commented Nancy Stern, CEO of Eastern Shore Rural Health. "We continue to try and accept the unthinkable with Sharone's tragic death Today at this wonderful event we are honoring her She worked hard and steadfastly for Eastern Shore Rural Health. She looked forward to this day."

Bailey was murdered on Friday, July 9. Derrick Epps, a man who Bailey had reached out and helped, was arrested and charged with her murder.

"Let us continue her good work to reach out and take care of people on the Eastern Shore," Stern said emotionally. "Let us forever keep her in our hearts and memorialize her by naming the Health Education Office after Sharone."

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